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As state standards shift, you may find your child’s math teacher trying new ways to effectively teach concepts both in class and at home. One trend that’s becoming popular is the idea of a “flipped classroom”—teachers post videos or presentations of the lesson online for students to watch and...
A good number of math students here at The Tutoring Center came to us during a critical butcommon time in their academic careers: the shift from their earlier math classes to Pre-Algebraor Algebra 1. What is it about these classes that trip up even the brightest students? Simply put,it’s a shift...

Education is going through a tumultuous time right now, as Common Core standards continue to be a divisive issue. Whether you’re for or against the new shift, the new Florida Standards still remain in place for students currently enrolled in school. Here at The Tutoring Center, we understand that...

If your high-schooler is struggling in sophomore year, there may be a biological explanation! However, if low grades are troubling you, The Tutoring Center has English tutors and math tutors ready to help!

We’ve already given you a few hints as to which math classes your child needs for college. Not only are these classes needed, but some mentioned will help your child to get ahead of the curve. Doing well in math is not the only way your child can build his or her academic resume. Today, The...
Which math classes are colleges and universities looking for on your child’s transcript? If higher level math is bringing your student down, check out our math tutoring and math homework help today!

The parent teacher conferences are almost here and they are a good opportunity to learn and assess the school performance of your children. For this reason at The Tutoring Center in Oviedo, we would like to tell you about some of the questions you should ask your children’s teacher to make the...
Reading aloud to your beginning reader can help him/her develop better reading comprehension in the future. If your child is struggling with reading, don’t hesitate to reach out to our certified reading tutors!

After the technical issues with the new computerized FCAT, is it time to go back to the paper and pencil method? Parents, let us know your thoughts!

Get a sneak peek at the new SAT rolling out in 2016! Our math and english tutors are ready to help your students get the scores they’re aiming for!


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