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24 hours may seem like a fair amount of time to accomplish all our daily tasks. However, we all know that distractions, setbacks and lack of organization may get in the way of completing these responsibilities on time. Thus the skill of time management is a crucial lesson to pass on to our children, one that can have an impact of both their academic future and their career. That’s why we at The Tutoring Center in Oviedo would like to share some ideas to help your children make good use of their time.  


Sit together with your children and schedule the week ahead. A daily planner is the best way to keep track of exams, events and projects. Designate a certain amount of time to fulfill an assignment and remember including time for breaks. Also, don’t forget to establish daily and weekly priorities. 

Set Goals

Setting realistic goals will also provide your children with a clear direction. Remember that goals should be specific and measurable, like solving certain amount of math problems or reading a book chapter. Keep in mind that breaking down big goals is the best way to keep your children motivated.

Study Space

You can end those unproductive study sessions and beat procrastination by creating a study space. Choose a quiet place in your home and provide it with the right furniture, a lamp and school supplies. Don’t forget to identify and remove any potential distractions. 

Good time management skills will allow student finish their academic activities on time and avoid the last-minute cramming that can affect the work quality and test performance of your children. Also, be sure to read our guide on handling test anxiety.  

If your children are struggling in any academic area, at The Tutoring Center we can help. Our tutors and exclusive programs will provide our students with the skills they need to reach their academic goals. Consider us next time you are looking for tutoring in Oviedo. Please call (407) 545-4735 to learn more about how we can help.


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