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A lot of children will tell you that summer is all about having fun and forgetting school. But that’s the problem! During the break, children experience summer learning loss, which means they forget everything they learned the year before and go into the new grade in a blank.

If you want to help your child be prepared for the challenges of the new school year, The Tutoring Center in Oviedo has a few ways you can avoid summer learning loss from happening.

How to Ward Off Summer Learning Loss

Go Over the Notes

Studying over summer break may seem a little bit odd, but it’s an effective way to refresh the lessons learned. Encourage your child to reread his/her notes before starting school again.

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Reading, doing basic math equations without a calculator, or even completing a worksheet (you can get some from the Internet) will help reinforce your child’s knowledge in a subject.

Start a Discussion

Simply asking your child to explain a concept or requesting his/her opinion on a science, math, or grammar question, you’ll get his/her mind working and keep the knowledge fresh.

Hit the Town

Going to the museum, visiting a library, or taking a walk through the zoo can be enriching and valuable learning experiences. Take some outings with your child to keep him/her learning.

Summer Tutoring

A tutor will not only help your child understand the subjects better, s/he can also adapt his/her teaching methods to help your child practice and get prepared for the new school year!

For Summer Tutoring in Oviedo

If you’re searching for a tutor in Oviedo to encourage your child to take advantage of his/her time during the summer, The Tutoring Center is for you! We offer summer programs with expert tutors that will work with your child to make sure s/he reaches his/her academic goals.

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