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As state standards shift, you may find your child’s math teacher trying new ways to effectively teach concepts both in class and at home. One trend that’s becoming popular is the idea of a “flipped classroom”—teachers post videos or presentations of the lesson online for students to watch and take notes on at home, then they spend class time applying the concepts and working on homework problems. 

Some teachers are even in favor of getting rid of homework altogether, claiming most students are overworked and that this “busywork” doesn’t lead to better performance or motivation. But what to do if you feel your child isn’t getting enough practice outside of the classroom?

Whether your child is struggling to keep up or looking for a challenge, the internet is a wonderful resource. Websites such as offer free printable worksheets, while boasts free classes to break down difficult math concepts. Many of us find the new Common Core strategies to be somewhat confusing, but YouTube videos have started popping up to explain the various methods of problem-solving. If your child finds standard memorization and repetition boring, point him/her toward online math games and free apps for his/her phone or tablet.

The internet may be a great learning tool for the independent student, but what if your child needs the structure of a classroom setting? Setting up a meeting with your child’s teacher to discuss some extra help can be a step in the right direction, as many teachers strive to help their students as best they can. After school tutoring is another option, as many centers have programs for many different skill levels. Here at The Tutoring Center, we offer one-to-one help for math students in the Oviedo and Orlando areas. We help provide the extra push and enrichment programs for those who want to take math it to the next level!


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