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As the parent to a growing and active child, we are sure you understand the importance of a healthy and balanced diet for him or her. However, we also understand that it can sometimes be difficult to prepare meals each night, or perhaps you have a selective eater  on your hands and experience difficulty in finding things your child will eat. These are very real issues, and it is with them in mind that The Tutoring Center in Oviedo would love to share 5 of our favorite and most versatile foods for your children. 

Let us start with eggs. Eggs are full of vitamins and protein. They’re a great way to start the day to give your child that extra boost of energy necessary. And don’t forget their versatility. 

Breakfast - We know that you’re aware of how to prepare eggs, take your pick of techniques and know that your child will enjoy them, but remember that scrambled is a childhood favorite for many. Lunch or Dinner - You could surprise your family with “breakfast for dinner” which is often a hit. Another option is making a delicious Pasta Carbonara, which utilizes eggs in it’s recipe. 

Spinach is not only a superfood, packed with calcium, vitamins, and so much iron, it also happens to be a great complement to eggs. 

Breakfast - Put some spinach in your omelet, or a breakfast burrito. Your kids may not even notice. Another popular and nutritious option is to add spinach to a fruit smoothie in the morning. The taste of the smoothie doesn’t change much with the introduction of the spinach, but there are two things you should definitely remember. 

- Blend the smoothie extra well
      - If the spinach is not blended very finely it will leave a chunky texture, which some might find unappealing 

- Use a colored cup, with a top, and straw
       - Though spinach does not change the flavor of the smoothie, it will leave the smoothie very green, which some might also find unappealing 

Lunch or Dinner - If your child really enjoys spinach, you can boil or saute it to use as a side dish. You can also put it in pasta or quesadillas. 

Another food, perhaps a bit less traditional, is the avocado. They can be quite expensive, especially out of season. Remember that the perfect time to find avocados is in the late summer and early fall. They’re a great source of vitamin E, and they help prevent constipation due to their high fiber content. Be sure to keep this in mind when considering feeding your child avocado prior to a full day of school. 

Breakfast - For children who really enjoy avocado, you can simply slice one up and add it to the side of a delicious plate of eggs, or some other savory breakfast dish.Lunch or Dinner - Try making a delicious guacamole to eat as an appetizer, with chips or, for a more healthy option, try it with freshly sliced cucumbers or peppers for dipping. If you’ve made a spicy soup, you might also want to consider slicing up some avocado and adding it last as a calming agent to the soup.

Sweet potatoes are our final suggestion. They contain B,C, and E vitamins, have potassium to help prevent muscle cramps, and perhaps the best of all for children is that they naturally contain a hormone that aids in the prevention of sugar crash. If you can send something containing sweet potatoes to school for your child, that will certainly help out in the middle of the day. Breakfast - Remember that you can prepare sweet potatoes in the same way you would any potatoes. Make sweet potato hash browns for breakfast. They’re a bit sweeter than regular potatoes, but still delicious, and they still go great with ketchup.Lunch or Dinner - You can try sweet potato wedges or fries, again prepared like regular ones. You may also try a loaded sweet potato or add it soup. 

You’ll find that all of these suggestions are adaptable to your child’s likes, your time needs, as well as the time of day you’re planning on eating them. It is our goal that this encourages you to experiment with healthy meals for your child, and that you find some new favorites for you and your family. We also provided some further breakfast ideas in another blog post that you may find helpful.

Should you discover that your child is need of assistance in an academic area, remember that The Tutoring Center provides personalized tutoring in Oviedo. Give us a call today at 407-545-4725 to find out about our programs.


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