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In thinking of ways you can help your child to have more effective study time, you’ve perhaps thought of creating a calendar for homework, ensuring that the work is done at a particular time of day, and going over it with him or her when the work is done. All of these are excellent suggestions and using them in conjunction with having a study space created for your child to do all of this work in, you’ll find that your child will be lead straight to success. The Tutoring Center in Oviedo would like to assist you today in providing a few ways you can help create a functional study space for your child. 

When creating a study space for your child it is extremely important that you consider your child’s preferences and needs when determining the location for a study space. 
  • It will be helpful if you know the learning style of your child
  • You’d also do well to understand what distracts your child the most
  • If you know that your child is distracted by noise, then you should consider putting the study space away from the busiest areas of your home
  • If your child does well to have background noise, you could consider setting your child’s space up in the kitchen or dining area 

Working with your child, create rules for the study area that should be followed by all who enter the space. 
  • Again, knowing your child’s needs, determine the rules on background noise that is allowed
  • If you know, for example, that your child will do well to have background music but that the television will be too much of a distraction, then limit background noise to music
  • Another great rule is the ‘no cell phone’ rule for the study area
  • As much as possible, ensure that your child is not interrupted when in the study area

When deciding on an area of the home to hand over to your child for studying and homework, ensure that you are OK with this being a permanent and comfortable study area for your child. 
  • Be sure that the area will work long term and that it won’t interrupt the daily flow of activity in your home and for your family
  • Make sure that it is a comfortable spot for your child, not so comfortable that he or she would be able to sleep soundly there, but comfortable enough that your child can sit there for hours without worry

Once the study space is created, give your child an opportunity to make it his or her own. You’ll find that your child will likely be more enthusiastic about doing homework and studying. If you find that your child is not, perhaps consider ways you can help make him or her more comfortable in the space. Perhaps your child could even use pair of new glasses. If you believe your child could benefit from more assistance, in the form of a tutor, remember that The Tutoring Center can help you with that. For tutoring in Oviedo contact us at (407)-545-4725.


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