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To do well in school, you need to stay on top of a lot of things, learn to manage your time, and juggle different responsibilities. Organization is key in making it work. But, as you may know, it isn’t the easiest thing to achieve! 

If you struggle with staying organized with your school life, don’t worry! The Tutoring Center in Oviedo has a few tips to help you out, so you can start the new grade right.

How to Stay Organized

1. Stay motivated, prioritize your activities, set goals and make a plan on how you’ll accomplish them. 

2. Use the appropriate tools to write down your activities, goals, responsibilities, etc. A calendar and agenda can help you remember what you have to do and organize your day.

3. Get a notebook and folder for each of your subjects (you can even color coordinate them) and use them accordingly.

4. Use labels on your notebooks and agenda, and put a title and date on every page.

5. Setting an order (and keeping it) for all of your things will make everything easier to find and keep track of.

6. Avoid clutter in your space, be clean on your notes, and make sure to get rid of anything that may distract you from your work.

7. Start school right and try not to fall behind! Be constant, work hard and update your organization tools to remain focused.

8. But, if you do hit a few bumps, don’t be discouraged. Rearrange your priorities so you can keep up.

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