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The SAT is a college admissions test, taken by over 2 million students annually, and accepted by more than 2,000 colleges and universities in the United States. The score of this test, along with other admission requirements, can not only result in you getting into the college of your choice, but can result in financial aid. Perhaps even more importantly, the result for an excellent score could be an ever coveted scholarship. No wonder then, that the SAT can cause quite a lot of stress for those who are going to take it. It is with this stress in mind, that The Tutoring Center in Oviedo would like to offer a few tips for the sections of the test, as well as some general information that should be of assistance. 

General Tips

- Be sure to rest well the night before and eat a good balanced breakfast the morning of the exam, in order to have the energy you’ll need for the test
- Bring a snack to the testing center, full of protein, to give you the energy you’ll need to get through the second half
- Some portions of the test allow for the use of a calculator, therefore, bring one
- The testing center will require a photo ID for you to enter the exam room
- Two number 2 pencils are required for the exam
- You will be provided with scratch paper to use throughout the math section, remember that you should turn this in with your test booklet and not attempt to remove it from the room

Reading Section

- This section is designed so that in order to get the right answers, you’ll need to read the selection first. Though you may be tempted to skim or read the questions and then look for the answers within the paragraphs, try not to do this. The reason is that some of the answers will be written in a way to confuse you, should you decide not to read. 

Writing Section

- Pick the clearest and most concise response for each question in the multiple choice section. Remember that in the writing and reading section you get points taken off for the wrong answers, so don’t guess if you don’t know
- For the written section, you’ll be given 25 minutes to respond to a writing prompt. First you need to read the prompt carefully and ensure you fully understand what is being asked of you or stated
- Organize your thoughts using a 5 paragraph essay. This should include an introduction 3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion. In the introduction you should state your response, briefly, and give a list of your evidence. Use the 3 middle paragraphs to expand on those ideas, and finally use the conclusion to restate what you’ve already said, summing it up nicely. 

Math Section

- Unlike the writing and math portion, you are not penalized for incorrect answers on this section. The scoring works in a way that you receive points for correct answers, but do not lose points for incorrect answers. Therefore, on the math section only, if you are not sure-take a guess. There is a possibility you’ll get it right and get points!
- Remember that the most difficult questions are at the end of this section. Spend less time on the beginning, on the easier equations, and save your time for the end when you know the questions will become more difficult. 

Remember that the ideal time to take the SAT is at the beginning of 11th grade year. Of course, you can retake the test multiple times, should you choose. If you have not yet taken the test, or are not happy with a score you received, know that at  The Tutoring Center we offer the Pre-SAT Prep Program where you can learn more about the exam, and have some valuable practice and study preparation. Give us a call at (407)-545-4725 for tutoring in Oviedo


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