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The college admissions process is long and stressful, and this decision is one of the most important your children will have to face. That’s why it’s important you are ready to get involved and help them with the process. The Tutoring Center in Oviedo would like to share a few useful tips.


Every college has a website containing the resources your children need to make their choice. Talk to your children to find out which options match their interests and needs to create a shortlist, remember that it’s recommended to apply to 10 colleges or fewer so your children can keep track of their applications. 

Plan a Visit

Now that your children have narrowed their choices, plan a visit to the campuses and get your children familiarized with the institutions. Make sure your children have questions prepared and don’t forget to ask about scholarship opportunities and financial aid. 

Encourage Them!

There are some colleges that may have a highly selective reputation, which can dissuade your children from applying. These colleges have certain criteria and are looking for a specific profile; if your children meet the requirements, they should try. Talk with your children about your financial situation and keep in mind that there are loans, scholarships and grants available that can make things easier. 

Your children should be responsible for most of the admission process, but they also need to feel supported by you. Don’t forget these simple ideas so you can help your children make a choice. Another important part of the process are the SAT tests, so be be sure to read this previous post containing useful information about this exam.

We can help your children reach their SAT/ACT goal scores. At The Tutoring Center, we have exclusive programs and highly trained tutors that will give your children the boost they need to get accepted by the college of their choice. Think about us next time you are looking for tutoring in Oviedo. 

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