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If you want to ensure that your child succeeds in the competitive worlds of school applications and job hunting, you need to provide them with the education they require to develop certain skills that can put them ahead. Still, if you notice that your child could use an extra push to completely master some of these skills, such as reading comprehension, you can also help them in a few different ways:

How to Improve in Reading Comprehension

  1. Motivate them to read by giving them the right material for their interests, age and reading level. You can also use this as a bonding experience and join them in their reading time.
  2. You should make sure that they have the right conditions to concentrate on the text before them. A study space free of distractions, with enough light and comfortable furniture should suffice.
  3. Dictionaries can be a really helpful tool when it comes to understanding a text. By using one, your child will be able to expand their vocabulary and improve their reading comprehension. 
  4. Taking notes can also help your child’s focus and their comprehension of a text. Writing down names, dates, and key information can help them stay on top of everything that’s being discussed.
  5. Often times, learning more about the context or concepts that are being read can improve your understanding on the matter. Encourage your child to research the topics to get a new perspective.
  6. You should also advise your child to read out loud. By doing so, they can ensure that they won’t be skipping words, sentences or paragraphs when they’re reading. 
  7. Also, make sure that your child rereads the text as many times as they need. Sometimes they may continue reading even if they don’t understand, which causes more confusion.
  8. Lastly, be sure to discuss the reading material with your child. Doing so will help them discover different perspectives on the text and will give them a chance to voice their own opinions.

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