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If your child is having a hard time focusing on the work that is standing between them and their summer break, setting new end-of-year goals can help. Ask them to focus on the things they want to accomplish by the end of the school year. They may be trying to reach a certain grade in a class or a certain class ranking. Whatever the case is, help them develop a plan that will ensure they reach each goal. By having a concrete plan with a specific end result, they’ll have an easier time focusing on the work they still have to complete.

Stay Organized

Although summer break is just around the corner, many students still have plenty of assignments to turn in, exams to take, and projects to present. The amount of schoolwork and fun activities that are packed into the last few weeks of school can make it hard to keep up. Help your child maintain a calendar or day planner with the dates of all these important activities and due dates so that they can keep up. Keeping track of all these dates can also help your child feel more in control and stress-free.

Make Time for Fun

Your child may be preparing for important academic evaluations, but it’s important that they also enjoy the end of the school year. Encourage your child to participate in fun end-of-year activities like school dances and picnics. Participating in these school activities is a great way to take a break from studying, helping your child return to their books refreshed and ready to learn more.

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