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Get Your Child Behind the Lens

You can get a good point and shoot digital camera for under $100 for elementary school children. If your children are really interested in photography, consider spending a bit more for an SLR that will last them a little longer.

Photography Games and Activities

When your child first gets the camera, they'll probably take photos of everything. You might want to encourage their creative use of the camera with a variety of different projects and activities. Have them take their camera everywhere and talk about daily tasks as photographic adventures. See how they document a trip to the park or store.


Give your child a list of things in the neighborhood to take photos of – or challenge them to take photos of as many things as they can find in a particular category like cars or green things. Have the kids take close-up shots of a common everyday item and see if the other family members can guess what they are. Keep your eyes and ears open for photography contests for kids. Encourage them to enter their favorite work.

Observe and Report

Ask your children to document a day in their life or a special occasion in a way that they perhaps hadn't imagined before. Take a photo of the family from the perspective of the tree in the backyard or a closeup of the dog's nose. Once the photos are printed, ask your children  to write creative captions, journal entries or fictional stories to go along with their visual art. Ask your children to photograph things that represent an abstract idea, such as gratitude or love or kindness.

Get Crafty

Once your child has a few photos that they love, make them into stationery or other merchandise from an online photo site. Or frame their favorite photos to hang in their rooms or to give as gifts.

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