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 The tutoring center was appealing to us not only because it was more affordable than comparable companies, but also because of Dr. Ancona. He genuinely cares and wants the best for each child at the center. He remembers everyone's name and takes the time to talk to both the student and the...
 It’s the beginning of a new school year and everyone seems to be ready — kindergartners are spit-shined and looking as pretty as a penny, and grade-schoolers are color-coding their folders and sharpening their pencils. High school kids are checking out who hooked up with whom over the...
 In the early years of formal schooling in America, school calendars were designed to fit the needs of each particular community (Gold, 2002). Some communities had long summer breaks that released children from school in spring to help with planting and in fall to help with the harvest,...
 Troubles with teachers, other students, or a class are just a few of the stresses that can keep kids from enjoying school–and often parents feel helpless to assist their children. Talking with your kids and understanding what’s adding to their stress is the first step in understanding...
I am one the tutors at the Oviedo Tutoring Center.  I am also a teacher with OCPS.  In my short tenure as a tutor, I have seen marked improvements with the students who receive our services.  The students exhibit such pride in themselves and their confidence grows as they learn....
I just recently enrolled my two kids at The Tutoring Center in Oviedo, they are both in 3rd grade and did not pass the FCAT. I had called many places for tutoring and when I spoke with Dr. Ancona he was concerned about the kid and quickly set up a evaluation at no cost to find out what the kids...
 Several of our parents have asked about the free diagnostic testing conducted by The Tutoring Center. The Tutoring Center utilizes the Kaufmann Test of Educational Achievement (KTEA) for all of our diagnostic testing. The KTEA is used nationwide as a measure of academic achievement in...
I've been working as Head Instructor at the Tutoring Center since it opened in October 2012, and I've never had a bad day at work. All our instructors are dedicated to teaching and bringing the best service possible to the kids and parents who come here. Dr. Peter Ancona, our Center Director,...


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