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I've been working as Head Instructor at the Tutoring Center since it opened in October 2012, and I've never had a bad day at work. All our instructors are dedicated to teaching and bringing the best service possible to the kids and parents who come here. Dr. Peter Ancona, our Center Director, will certainly make your family feel welcome and at home. We strive to offer the best and most fulfilling learning experience to all ages and abilities, and we hope that you'll find the time to check us out and see the difference for yourself!                                                                                                 

Sofia Puente-Lay 

I have worked at The Tutoring Center for nine months now. I love working here. There are three essential things that make The Tutoring Center of Oviedo great: 1. The program is excellent. It is structured in a way that not only improves learning, but also works on concentration and study skills. The program is also fun for the students. I often hear from students at the end of the session, "Wow! It's over already?". I am continually amazed at how much our students progress and how quickly we begin to see results. 2. The tutors are highly qualified and really care about the success of every student. We strive to show them that they are smart, capable, and important. We encourage our students to achieve their best and we are not shy about telling them how proud we are. 3. Our center director, Dr. Ancona, goes above and beyond in order to ensure that every student and their family is valued. He really cares about the success of each student and that their families are happy with the progress they are making.

Katie Wilson


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