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We are only a few days before the school bell rings announcing the start of the summer vacations. Children are definitely looking forward to this moment, but many adults may be wondering how to keep their children entertained during the break.  

Summer offers many opportunities for your children which they should avoid spending watching T.V for hours. A great way to keep them busy is reading - this activity has many benefits: it increases their vocabulary, it helps them to concentrate better, it stimulates their imagination and many other advantages.

That’s why, at The Tutoring Center in Oviedo, we want to tell you a few ways to motivate your children to read during summer.

Visit the Library

Many libraries have summer programs for children. Plus, librarians can always recommend great material. Keep in mind that your children should always choose their books according to their interests.

Be an Example

Don’t forget that you are a role model to your children and they will reproduce all your behaviours. Set an example and read. It’s important that they see you enjoying your book! Also, make sure to have reading material like magazines and newspapers around your house.

Read Aloud

Remember how much you loved bedtime stories? You can spend sometime reading aloud with them, which can also be a good way to bond.

Summer School

It’s always a good idea to go over the material they learned in school. That way, they will be ready for the next school year, plus they will avoid summer loss.

These simple ideas will turn their summer vacations into a great adventure without leaving home.

Remember that at The Tutoring Center, we have a Geniuses in Training Reading Program, that will not only improve the reading and writing skills of your children, it will also allow them to concentrate better. Think about us, next time you are looking for tutors in Oviedo.

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