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A child that is unmotivated about school can be very worrying to his/her parents. As you know, working hard in school during their younger years can shape the way they approach other responsibilities later in life. So, if you want a few tips on how you can encourage your child to study and do well in school, The Tutoring Center in Oviedo has a few tips for you!

How to Encourage Your Child to Study

Sit Them Down

Having a conversation is the best place to start. Let them know why they need to do well in school and ask them if there’s anything you can help them so they can improve.

Be There for Them

Make sure to be available if your child has any questions or doubts regarding school. You can check their homework, study with them or just be moral support, so they can do better.

Provide a Study Environment

A distracted child probably won’t get a lot of studying done. Set up a calm space for them to concentrate on doing their school work!

Incentivize and Reward

Maybe math isn’t their favorite subject, but you can help them get through it by offering incentives and rewards if they do well. Set goals and praise them if they accomplish them.

Help Them Stay Organized

Messy notes won’t help your child when the time to complete an assignment or study comes. Teach them to take clean, clear notes and to keep them properly organized.

Stay Involved

Show interest in their schoolwork, ask them how they’re doing, and even talk to the teacher. This will let them know that you’re on top of things and will help you track their progress.

Be Firm

Set a timeframe for them to complete their homework and study in. After they’re done, ask to see what they did, so you can have more control over how they’re doing.

Get a Tutor

ometimes, your child may be unmotivated because s/he doesn’t fully understand the way the teacher is approaching the subjects. If this is the case, then a tutor may be in order.

Here at The Tutoring Center, we provide tutoring in Oviedo, so your child can reach his/her academic potential. We offer our undivided attention and adapt to your child’s learning needs. Call (407)-545-4725 to learn more about what we can do for your child!


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