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With the advent of technology and new global competition, it’s safe to say our educational system is changing—especially when it comes to teaching math here in the Oviedo/Orlando area. In this Common Core era, a special emphasis is being placed on state testing to make sure the math benchmarks are being met. A worrisome prospect, critics claim, is this shifts the focus in the classroom from in-depth learning to teaching to the test. It’s an argument that’s gaining more steam as the controversy around the Florida Standards continues.

Whether the math curriculum in our classrooms is tailored to the test or not, one thing we all agree on is that our children are taught in a very different way than we were. With many of the new assessments being taken on a computer, students no longer have to merely master concepts—they need to be able to apply those concepts on a digital interface. Modeling problems and building a comprehensive understanding of underlying mathematical logic is coming to the forefront of the classroom. The new materials and lessons being brought home can leave us baffled—what can we do to help our kids during this shift?

The Florida Standards website offers a comprehensive summary of what each student ought to know once they finish their grade level


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