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We’ve already given you a few hints as to which math classes your child needs for college. Not only are these classes needed, but some mentioned will help your child to get ahead of the curve. Doing well in math is not the only way your child can build his or her academic resume. Today, The Tutoring Center in Oviedo would like to share a few tips on how to develop leadership skills in high school and the benefits they bring.

Steps to Becoming a Leader

As you are attempting to help your child look for positions of leadership within academia, it is important that you remind him or her to know their strengths. If you want your child to be successful, help him or her to evaluate the following: 
- Passions - what are the passions your child would like to pursue? 
      * Drama
      * Dance
      * Sports
      * Academic decathlon
- Relatability - make sure that your child has the ability to work well with others.
- Taking Action - lead by example; make sure your child is ready to get his or her hands dirty, work with a team, and show that it can be done!

Possible Areas of Leadership

Throughout high school there are numerous possibilities to get involved and to show leadership. Most school programs are set up to build up student leaders rather than simply having a teacher rule over them. Rather, extracurricular programs generally have student leaders and faculty sponsors.These include:
- Athletic teams
- School publications (literary magazines, newspaper)
- Student government
- The arts
- Peer tutoring programs

In order to help your child evaluate where he or she can be most valuable as a leader, take the above considerations in mind. Remember that there are also opportunities outside of school, such as in a part time job or getting involved in community service opportunities. 

While helping your child get ahead, remember that there may be an area he or she is struggling in. You may consider hiring a member of a professional tutoring staff, like ours at The Tutoring Center, to help your child reach success. For tutoring in Oviedo, contact us at (407)-545-4725. 


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