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The Internet can be a tremendously useful educational tool, providing hours of entertainment and learning for your child. However, it can also be a dangerous place for the unaware. Thus, it’s important to follow these tips--courtesy of The Tutoring Center in Oviedo--to make sure that your child is browsing the Web safely.

Block inappropriate content

Your internet service provider (ISP) more than likely offers many parental control options, including filters that block certain sites and content. We suggest researching the tools available to you and familiarizing yourself with their operation. Another option is to install a child-friendly browser on your home computer; these only allow access to a given list of educational and/or safe websites, so you can rest easy in the knowledge that your child won’t be exposed to adult content.

Restrict your child’s usage

The Internet, like anything in life, is best enjoyed in moderation. If your child spends countless hours browsing the Web then he/she is undoubtedly missing out on other activities such as studying, playing sports and socializing. Sit down with your child and clearly lay out a schedule of how often he/she is allowed to use the Internet. Your ISP probably offers the capability to block use of the Internet between certain hours, so you could consider using this tool to make sure your child is following through on the rules.

Similarly, it’s important to set ground rules about the times when browsing the Web is inappropriate. These can include meal times, family activity times, and the couple of hours before your child goes to bed.

Teach your children good habits

A frank discussion with your child about how to go about using the Internet is a must. Be clear that he/she absolutely cannot give out personal information (including your address and phone number and his/her full name) and under no circumstances is he/she to arrange a meeting with someone he/she met online. Just as you need to teach your children to stay safe on the street, you need to teach them to stay safe on the Web.

Pay attention

The best way to ensure your child has a healthy relationship with the Internet is simple: make sure you’re aware of his/her activity. Ask your children about what they’re looking at when they browse and which sites and social networks they frequent, and try to stay on top of their browsing in order to steer them towards appropriate usage. Stay alert to how your child is doing emotionally too, as cyberbullying--just like ‘ordinary’ bullying--is an unfortunately common occurrence among children (particularly those in their early teens).

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