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If your child has a hard time focusing on their homework or other daily tasks, there are helpful things you can do to increase their attention span.

Allow Movement While Working

Many people, not just students, feel more comfortable working while moving around or while playing with something in their hands. These people are considered kinesthetic learners because they are able to concentrate and absorb information better while moving. If your child wants to walk around while studying flashcards or if they prefer to draw diagrams while listening to information, allow them to continue as long as they’re not being distracted. Adapting activities to their learning style will help them stay concentrated and learning for longer.

Create a Routine

If your child often puts up a resistance to doing their homework and has a hard time staying concentrated while completing it, creating a daily routine can help. Find out when your child works best and create a schedule around that time. You may find that your child works better after taking a nap or after participating in physical activity. Whatever works for your child, set their homework time around it, just don’t leave it for right before bedtime.

Remove Distractions

Everyone, not just students, has a hard time concentrating when surrounded by distractions. Help your child increase their focus by removing distractions from their surroundings. Common distractors include noise, electronics, people, clutter, and social media. Figure out which distractions cause your child to lose their focus often and remove them from their work area for better concentration.

Encourage Physical Activity

Physical activity, whether just outdoor playtime or joining a sports team, can help your child concentrate better. Participating in physical activity can help your child stay active and get rid of any pent up energy that can get in the way of concentration later on. Encourage your child to participate in outdoor activities daily and watch their concentration increase.

After School Tutoring in Oviedo FL

If your child needs extra help completing their homework, The Tutoring Center, Oviedo FL can help. Their academic programs focused on writing, reading, and math are designed to help your child do their best in school. Give them a call at (407) 545-4725 for more information.


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