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If you’ve noticed that your child is not doing well on tests, even if he or she seems to understand the material, then perhaps you should consider ways you can assist your child to improve his or her study habits and test taking skills. The Tutoring Center in Oviedo would like to assist you with this endeavour today by providing you with tips to help your child improve in both areas. 

Study Skills:

  • Your child should remember that taking great notes is the first step to doing well on an examination. These are the first look into what is going to be found on an exam. Your child should remember to write down anything the teacher rights and be sure to check with a classmate to ensure he or she has gotten all of the key information. Your child can, of course, check with the teacher if clarification is needed
  • Remind your child that completing homework each night is a great way to stay on top of class material. Even if the teacher does not check the homework for completion each day, your child is getting an extra opportunity for practice when completing the work regardless of a grade
  • Your child should know that a test is coming up, at least a week in advance. Remind him or her to study each night for at least a week prior to the test. This will help your child to see what parts of the material he or she needs the most help with and not have to cram the night before

Test Taking Strategies: 

Before your child goes to school the morning of the test, remind him or her of these simple strategies to do well on the exam-
  • The teacher will likely go over the directions with the entire class prior to the beginning of the exam. However, your child should also read through the instructions on his or her own in order to be absolutely sure to grasp what is being asked. Of course, if there is still confusion your child should ask for clarification from the teacher
  • It may help to read through the exam before beginning to answer any questions, then:
  • Go back and answer the questions with clear answers, first
  • Your child should leave the most difficult questions for the end, giving him or her more time to answer them
  • Lastly, be sure your child knows to review the answers on the exam prior to turning it in. It can be so tempting to turn the test in as quickly as he or she has finished, however giving it a once over could help your child to catch simple mistakes that would lead to a lesser grade

Remember that there could also be another reason your child has begun to display lower academic levels. Pay attention to the signs your child may need glasses. Once you’re sure your child is not having trouble seeing and that he or she is improving in those study skills, you can always consider hiring a tutor to help your child advance even further. For tutoring in Oviedo remember to contact The Tutoring Center, (407)-545-4725.


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