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Chores Improve Children's Math Skills

Tutoring and online sites can help your child improve their math skills, but did you know that baking cookies can too? Studies show that certain household chores help children improve math skills. Read on to find out just which tasks your little helper should be tackling.

Cook and Bake

Cooking and baking are fun and effective ways to improve math and literacy skills. Your child can read the recipe instructions to you, determine if they have all the ingredients, and make a list of items they need or will be using. By following a recipe, your child will practice understanding and using quantities, fractions, temperatures and cooking times. They are also likely to feel a sense of satisfaction about being able to create food that the whole family loves.

Understanding Bills

When bills arrive in the mail, consider taking the time to show your child just how much services and things cost. Get your child involved with understanding the importance of a budget; budgeting helps sharpen arithmetic and mental math skills. Their math skills will be enhanced as well as their understanding of why it’s so important not to leave the lights on.

Feeding Pets

Feeding the family pet is a great math puzzle for children to solve. How many times a day should the family pet eat? This depends on the breed, size, age, and weight of the pet. Sharpen your child’s measuring skills by helping them to learn this balance and the factors that influence it, all while showing them the importance of taking responsibility and caring for animals.  

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