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Since the school year is still young, now is the perfect time to help your child develop healthy study habits that will make this school year more successful. Follow these tips from The Tutoring Center, Oviedo FL to get started.

Create a Study Space at Home

To help your child get the most out of their studying, make sure they have a designated study space at home. Start by scouting the ideal space. Pick a quiet, well-lit room where there is enough space for a desk or a work table and a comfortable chair. Ensure that distractions are kept to a minimum while your child is doing homework or studying. Distractions to watch out got include: foot traffic, noise, and electronic devices. Lastly, ensure that your child's study space is always stocked with the materials they will need to complete their work.

Take Better Notes

The notes your child takes in class are a great tool when it comes to studying for exams or when your child is having trouble completing homework. To get the most out of their notes, encourage your child to take the best notes possible. Notes should be legible and should include important dates, the names of important figures, useful equations, and step by step instructions.

Make Time to Study Daily

Studying isn't something that should only be done during the days before an exam. It is important that your child sets apart some time daily in order to review lessons and really learn them. Making a routine out of studying will ensure that your child is always ready for exams and pop quizzes without much stress.

Enroll Your Child in Tutoring in Oviedo FL

For extra academic support this school year, count on The Tutoring Center, Oviedo FL. Their academic programs are sure to help your child reach academic success this year. Contact The Tutoring Center, Oviedo FL at (407) 545-4725 for a free diagnostic assessment.


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