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Needless to say, being able to see is an ability that affects everything you do. This is why it is imperative for you to identify if your child needs corrective glasses. As you know, this can influence their performance in school, and in any other activity they engage in. With this in mind, this post will go over a few signs your child may need glasses. Of course, you’re also advised to visit an ophthalmologist once a year to correctly assess their situation.

How to Tell if Your Child Needs Glasses

  1. Squinting is one of the more common practices done by people with poor sight. It involves looking with eyes partly closed in order to focus their vision. 
  2. If your child squints in order to see correctly, they may need glasses.
  3. As a result of not being able to perceive the world around them effectively, a person with sight problems may have frequent headaches, which may also have an impact on their daily life.If you also notice that your child has sensitive and/or watery eyes, which leads to them rubbing them a lot, it may also mean that they’re having to strain them in order to see properly.
  4. Obviously, someone who has trouble seeing will have some issues concentrating. For example, if your child gets lost while reading a book or watching TV, it may be due to poor sight.
  5. Lastly, there are a few other different tactics that people use in order to see better. For instance, if your child covers one eye to be able to see, sits too close to the TV or uses their finger to follow a text, they need to visit an ophthalmologist. 
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