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Fun Ways to Encourage Your Child to Practice Math This Summer 

If your child isn’t fond of math at all, they’re not alone. This subject tends to be the most difficult and most disliked among students. For this reason, bringing up math during summer break may cause a negative reaction. However, there are some fun ways to get your child practicing their math skills during their break. 

Work with Your Child’s Interests 

The easiest way to get your child practicing math is by incorporating it into activities they enjoy. For example, if your child is fond of a certain sports team, sit down with them to watch their games. During the game, ask your child questions like how many points the losing team needs to score to catch up, what combinations they can use to reach the needed points, how much time is left in the game, etc. Anything that requires them to use their math skills will work. This isn’t just limited to sports. There are plenty of ways to incorporate basic math into any activity. 

Play Games 

Playing games with the family is a fun way to get your child to practice math without them even realizing it. Board games like Scrabble and Monopoly will have your child practicing addition, subtraction, and even making change. You can also look for apps and online games that will catch your child’s attention while helping them improve their math skills. 

Look for Online Resources 

There are plenty of resources available online focused on math practice. Look for printable worksheets focused on your child’s math level or even online math games. If you’re not sure what your child should be practicing, contact their teacher for tips. 

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