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Basic Essay Writing Tips

If you've been assigned an essay but aren't sure where to start, use these tips as a guide.

Get Organized

If you've been assigned an essay, there are some things that need to get done before you start writing. First off, make sure that you understand the topic and the tone of the essay. Once these things are clear, decide what your stance is so that you can formulate a thesis statement. This statement should explain the topic of your essay and the point of it. After deciding on a thesis, you can start to organize the rest of your paper. Start by deciding what evidence you will use to support your stance and the order you will explain these in when writing your essay. Your supporting evidence can be divided into main ideas, each with their own body paragraph.

Do Your Research

Your main ideas will need to be supported by evidence in order to be considered credible. To find the right evidence, you will need to some research. Look for information in books, news articles, investigative journals, and other reliable resources. You can take down notes or even direct quotes that support your argument and which can be included in your essay. If you plan to use the information you gathered from these sources, be sure to cite the information correctly and include a bibliography that references all your sources.

Review Your Work

Once you're done writing your essay, the work isn't over. Step away from your essay for a bit and then go back with fresh eyes to proofread it. After proofreading your work, have at least two others read your essay and listen to their feedback. Someone else's perspective is a great way to catch errors, style issues, and get a different take on your work. Make all the necessary corrections before completing your final draft and finally turning it in.

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