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In our previous post on dealing with bullying, we provided a little information on cyberbullying. As this form of bullying is becoming more prevalent among our tech-savvy teens, we feel it deserves proper treatment. That’s why we here at The Tutoring Center in Oviedo are bringing you this guide to dealing with what is an unfortunately common issue.

What is cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying is harassment using electronic technology such as text messaging, social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), email and so forth. There are notable differences between this and other forms of bullying, for instance:
  • Cyberbullying can take place 24/7, as the bully does not need to be physically present
  • Cyberbullies can post cruel messages or harass your child anonymously or using fake profiles, meaning it isn’t always easy to identify the bully
  • It can be difficult to get rid of rumours and false information posted to social networks and other websites

The effects of cyberbullying are the same as the effects of other bullying. A child experiencing cyberbullying is more likely to skip school, get lower grades, experience depression and low self-esteem, and is more likely to become a bully in response.

How can you deal with it?

Dealing with cyberbullying requires that you familiarize yourself with the Web. Stay aware of which websites your child frequents and let him/her know that you will occasionally take a look at his/her social networking pages to check that everything is OK. Talk to your children about their Internet use and let them know that if they are having any problems they should let you know immediately.

If your children do experience cyberbullying, it’s important to respond appropriately. Take the following steps:

  • Don’t respond - tell your child to ignore any messages or contact he/she receives from the bully. Bullies are looking for an emotional response. If they don’t receive one, they are likely to give up quickly.
  • Keep evidence - keep a log of any messages the bully sends or posts they write on social networking sites so you have evidence to present to authorities should it become necessary. Make sure to ask your child to do the same.
  • Report the bully - depending on the severity or the length of time the harassment goes on, you may want to report the bully to various authorities. Firstly, send a message to any social networking site they are using in order to bully your child. Bullying goes against the terms & conditions of most sites and it’s likely the bully will be blocked. If the antagonizing becomes more serious, you are well within your rights to report the bully to the police--especially if the bullying includes threats of violence or posting of private material. 

If you know who the bully is, and he/she attends the same school as your child, consider reporting their activity to the school so the administration can help deal with it.If your child is in need of support with their studies, you can rely on The Tutoring Center in Oviedo to provide the help they need using our Geniuses in Training academic programs. Call (407)-545-4725 to organize tutoring in Oviedo.


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