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With every new school year, you get the chance to learn something and make friends. However, there is another unfortunate possibility that your child might be bullied. It is a long standing problem in our school system and it does not seem to be going away. 28% of students between 6th and 12th grade admit to having been bullied at some point in their schooling. Plus, 7 of 10 children admit to feeling cyber bullied. Since it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, we at The Tutoring Center in Oviedo would like to share some simple tips to help you and your child, if you discover he or she is being bullied. 

Bullying is any type of assault from one person or group, enacted upon another. Typically, it presents itself in these forms: 
- cyber bullying and/or rumor spreading
- name calling, teasing
- threats of physical harm
- physical harm

*Keep in mind that you can be bullied in more than one way.

How to Act:

- Keep a record of the things which are said/done by the bully for future reference
- Take action, do not allow the bully to go unchecked
- Tell someone you trust about it
- You did nothing wrong and you don’t need to change

What to Avoid:

- Do not attempt to handle the situation on your own. Let someone else know and ask for help
- Do not believe lies you are being told by the bully, remember the problem lies with them
- Do not respond with violence unless you are physically being hurt

Decreased interest and decreasing grades in academic subjects can be a side-effect of bullying. Once you and your child have dealt with the situation, The Tutoring Center is prepared with dedicated tutors, to help your child get back on track. Give us a call at (407)-545-4725 to schedule an assessment today or for tutoring in Oviedo!


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